About us

Before I tell you my story, let’s talk about why Kouture For Kids´ Website is useful for you.

Want your cherub to look their best, do you need the convenience of online shopping, do you want functional stylish European designs or are you stuck for a gift idea? Then let Kouture for Kids help you and give you the solutions and convenience you need.

Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll find here…

  • We are an online boutique retailing stunning, designer brand children’s clothing, unique & high quality imported from Europe (mainly Spain)
  • Most pieces are made from 100% cotton, handmade, have beautiful fabric texture and at an affordable price
  • Functional, practical and machine washable clothes that are fashionable, stylish and comfortable
  • We stock the latest trends and designs from Europe
  • Great gift ideas for all occasions
  • Online convenience for busy working Mum’s and busy individuals
  • Formal, casual and contemporary apparel for children
  • We offer fast shipping, secure payment all with exceptional service.

Let us save you time, money and automate your daily duties by shopping with us online

All of this is delivered to you from the comfort of your home, office or on the go with carefully chosen collections and our easy–to–use website.

Let’s face it, we all feel good when we receive a compliment. Life is too short to be modest all the time and you will always be receiving compliments when your children are dressed gorgeously in Kouture for Kids. So let’s appreciate the compliments, boost of confidence, self-esteem, attention and respect from others. Accepting a compliment is a compliment in itself.

There are many studies and articles to suggest that when dressing well, it makes you feel great and this also applies when children are dressed well. While your children are an extension of your personality they are also individuals growing into their own personality. Kouture for Kids can help your special little ones to look gorgeous, stylish and be adored by your family, friends and every passer-by.

Like you, we all have special little people in our lives. Be it a daughter, son, niece, nephew, cousin, brother, sister, god child or our friends children, we all like to dress up and see our little special ones in gorgeous clothes.  So whether you are a mum, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend, we’ll be sure to have something unique for you to spoil that special little someone in your life.

If you have any questions please contact us here and we respond in a prompt and timely manner.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Terri. I am the business owner of Kouture for Kids, housekeeper, chef, event planner, teacher, accountant, chauffeur and most importantly I am a busy full-time working Mum. I know what it is like to be time poor and with so many Mum’s going back to work, being able to streamline certain duties and responsibilities online, all helps toward running a household, social life and spending time with your loved ones. Like some of you, I did want to go back to work, but without any flexibility in my current role and not wanting to return to work full-time, I saw an opportunity to start up my own business.  Starting Kouture for Kids, working on the business at night and working full-time during the day is hard work; I hope that you will enjoy the shopping experience, service and I am confident you will love our products.


In the beginning

We are a small family-owned business operating since 2014 based in Adelaide. Quite often we go to Spain to visit family and admittedly I love to go shopping when I’m there. But this time with our little one on board, it was the first I went shopping for children’s clothes in Europe. Pleasantly surprised to find these stunning clothes, the designs, the price and the quality…I had never seen this before in Australia. I knew then and there that I needed to share this discovery with Mums in Australia. So I purchased some samples to bring back and show to all my friends and family. When I saw how impressed they were, I knew that there could be a market here. It has been difficult contacting and liaising with suppliers in Spain especially with the language barrier and time zones. With some help from family to translate (and Google translate of course) I am gradually engaging more suppliers to come on board.

Our clothing sizes range from size 1 up to size 6 for all stages of a child’s growth, which have been specifically selected to suit a diverse range of individual tastes.


Current market

Since having my first child, I had found some good children’s clothing, but since shopping in Europe I found that there was little on the market for good priced, stylish, high quality and design-driven kids clothing. After doing some local research in low, mid and high range department stores and children’s clothing chains; stores are charging anywhere between $25 and $60 and upwards for run of the mill, off the rack children’s clothing. Why not purchase better quality and design with European exclusivity for the same price?

Drawing on inspiration from the kids in our lives because growing up is fun, full of friends, feeling loved, feeling safe and without a single care in the world. The designs are unique, but will last the seasons to come. The fabrics are divine and tastefully styled and aren’t over embellished.  Our collections make all children look smart and fashionable. Our clothes are easy to maintain as they can go into a washing machine and come out looking like new.


We look forward to growing our business and it certainly doesn’t happen unless you’ve got something unique to offer. We’re passionate about bringing our loyal customers the best collections and it is something we’re really good at, probably because we’re parents ourselves.


We appreciate any feedback and look forward to shopping with you.